Deltaville, Hartfield, Mathews and Middlesex computer repair service for Windows, Linux and Mac

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Deltaville & Hartfield Virginia Computer Repair Service
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Deltaville Computers provides home & office computer service to Deltaville and Hartfield, VA including Middlesex & Mathews counties.

Fast service • Low flat rate virus, spyware & malware removal with computer optimization service • No Hidden Charges!

• Computer Repairs & IT Services •
• Wireless & Wired Networking Solutions •
• Data Recovery & Hard Disk Replacement •

Virus, malware, spyware repair/removal and solutions to combat them.

Hard disk drive partitioning, testing & drive cloning for upgrades & failing drives. On computers that have become intolerably slow, it may not be too much data, a virus or spyware but a failing hard disk drive. In this situation, replacing your drive with a cloned drive will save you the time and cost of re-installing your operating system and programs when that drive fails.


Computer "tune-ups" to remove un-necessary startup programs, browser toolbars, start-up errors and services that may slow your computer down.

Home & Office Services

Laptop services: LCD screen, keyboard & motherboard replacement.

Hardware upgrades - video, media center, disk drives, memory, DVD & Blu-ray players and burners, etc.

Software services - Installation, upgrades, removal, and training.
    - QuickBooks®, Microsoft Office®, Open Office, etc.

Look at some of the software suppliers to the right. All have free versions and most are completely free. For instance, there's Open Office that's a Microsoft Office® replacement, completely free for business and home use. There are PDF 'printers' that let you create your own PDF files from most programs and even sophisticated image editing programs available.

Networking - Wired & wireless installations/troubleshooting.
    - Wireless bridging and WDS (wireless distribution systems).
    - Internet connection & printer sharing between all your computers

Data transfers for computer upgrades and system backups to CD/DVD/HD or directly to your new computer.

Data backup solutions - ie: external drive, computer to computer, ftp server and commercial services

Data recovery services including catastrophic hard drive failures. Pictures, e-mail and database recovery and repairs. (In case you don't have that backup solution in place)

Web Site & E-mail hosting services available on Linux and Windows® servers.

DSL & Cable internet installation and assistance.

Competitive Rates  -  Confidentiality Assured

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No Cost Software
Image Editor
Image Editor
Vector Image Editor
Virtual Private Networking
Remote Computer Control
Desktop Publishing
Web Browser

Web Browser

MS Office Replacement
File Zip & Unzip
Burn & Create ISO images
CD/DVD Compilations

Compact Image Viewer Plus


Complete Linux OS's